My 1st Blog

Welcome to my first blog. 

I want all my customers to know how much I appreciate them and thought this would be a great way to keep in touch.  A way for me to keep you informed on what is happening at Visions Photography as well as specials that we will run throughout the year. 

I also request your help in letting us know what we are doing right, as well as any suggestions you may have that will help me serve you better.  Your feedback is of ultimate importance to me.  It allows me to continually improve my customer service and thereby your satisfaction with your portraits experience.   

 Always feel free to leave comments on any posts at any time, I’m looking forward to hearing from you and being able to stay in touch on a more personal level.   

Thank you for making Visions Photography a success and for my 10th anniversary in Cedar Rapids,  5th year of full time, I owe it all to you, my wonderful customers.   You have made my dreams come true, I get to do what I love for a living and it’s all because of you!

Have a wonderful day!



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About Carl Bromberg

I've been in business since 1994 and full time since the start of 2005. Photography is my passion, my reason for getting up in the morning, it keeps me going through the hard times, it enhances my life through the good times.
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2 Responses to My 1st Blog

  1. carl u ARE the bomb! im so proud of you! n i see my picture is on here as well 😀 wooohoooo! :*:**:*:*:* good luck with this blog babes!!!!! n keep up ur amazing work.. cuz u really ARE talented.. i really do mean that!

    to one of my fav peeps!
    many hugs n kisses!

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