Simplicity Show – A Smith Gallery

This is just too cool!  I had to share!  🙂  Back to back shows!  “Doing a Happy Dance”  LoL 

My image “White Moth” shown below has been accepted into A Smith Gallery’s Simplicity Competition juried by Robert Hecht.    Of the 571 submitted images, 49 were selected for the show. 

You can see all of the accepted entries here: With the quality of the accepted entries, I feel truly honored to have been accepted into this show!  🙂 

This is the 6th gallery show in which I’ve had fine art images accepted. 

Dates for the show are February 25 to April 17, 2011, Opening Reception is February 26, 2011 4 to 7 PM at A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas. 

As I stated above, I’m currently  in another show at A Smith Gallery, Romance. 

THE STORY BEHIND THIS IMAGE  (Every picture tells a story)

The image was taken almost exactly two months after loosing a precious furry friend by the name of Chief to cancer.  (Chief’s story)  I had been thinking about him a lot that week.  I was in my bathroom doing what people normally do in a bathroom and felt an energy change, a good energy change, full of warmth! 

This white moth just came out of “nowhere” and started fluttering around my head and finally landed by the shower.  Hard to explain but it just “felt” like Chief was there with me in the form of this moth.  He landed in the perfect place as the late afternoon light was pouring into the bathroom and bouncing off the mirror to the spot in which it landed. 

My camera is always just a few steps away, grabbed it from the kitchen  and took a couple of shots of this white little guy.  Yes he was still waiting for me when I got back with the camera and right lens.  🙂  Anyway very soon after taking the shots, the moth flew away into the hallway, and I never saw him again…disappearing as quickly as he had appeared.  (I included my favorite image of Chief at the end of this post.)

White Moth

I LOVE being a photographer, and LOVE being able to use my skills for both my portrait and wedding clients, and creating family heirlooms for them.  Precious memories of a lifetime!   For me there is no better feeling than to see the happy faces on my clients when they see their images for the first time.

I also LOVE doing fine art photography and participating in gallery shows.  The Fine Art work I do helps keep me inspired to keep producing quality images for my clients, but it also helps me to consistently improve my skills, my understanding of light and composition and how they work together.  Photography is truly a life long journey, you never stop learning. 

Photography is my reason for being here, I truly believe it is why I was put on this earth! 


As Always have a great day and Stay Positive! 

Carl Bromberg
Visions Photography – Go beyond the snapshot, YOU deserve something special!

2 thoughts on “Simplicity Show – A Smith Gallery

  1. Carl – I remember seeing this but it didn’t have a story as I remember.

    Congratulations on the acceptance into the show. This is a classic exercise in simplicity of form and design.


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