Holiday Portrait Sale

We have 11 openings left between now and Christmas so we decided to do something we hardly ever do…..A portrait SALE!!!! 

We are cutting our normal creation fee in half from $150.00 to $75.00!!!

In addition you will receive $100 in product credit that you can use for any size prints or collages we sell including metal and canvas prints!  

!!!!!!! PAY $75 and get the session and $100.00 in PRINT CREDIT !!!!!!!
Good for any type of session, Family, Children, Pets, AND Seniors! 

Regular Price would be $250.00  you save $175.00

YOU MUST BOOK YOUR SESSION by Novemeber 19, 2011 to take advantage of these prices! 

Call NOW to reserve your session!  319-286-8483 

(CD’s will be available but will be normal price, credit may not be applied toward CD purchase.)

Proofing and ordering session will be appx 1 wk after your session.

Since this is a special price, the $75.00 creation fee must be prepaid when you reserve your session. 

If you don’t have time for your session between now and December 10th, don’t worry!  Pre purchase a session for January, February or March by December 20th.  We will extend this sale just for you! 

OR if you you are looking for that perfect gift, purchase a gift certificate for your family or friends for $75.00 and they will receive $100 in print credit also!  
Call NOW to reserve your session!  319-286-8483 

Happy Holidays,
Visions Photography


About Carl Bromberg

I've been in business since 1994 and full time since the start of 2005. Photography is my passion, my reason for getting up in the morning, it keeps me going through the hard times, it enhances my life through the good times.
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2 Responses to Holiday Portrait Sale

  1. Carl – These portraits are not only fabulous they show your artistic sensibility and connection with your subjects.

    Your work is marvelous.


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