Pet Portrait Special

April is the kick off of an exciting new period for Visions Photography and we decided to start things off with one of our favorite subjects…….PETS!!!! Yes those lovable, adorable, cute and cuddly, sometimes goofy fuzzy members of our families! :)

The BASIC…….$25 Session fee for your pet, this can be at your place, my place or a local park whichever works best for you!!!!!! The sessions must be during the month of April!!!  (Locations outside of the Cedar Rapids Metro area my have an additional travel fee to cover gas.)

We will be introducing “BELOVED” pet sessions! A fun way to get some great candid shots of you and you furry best friend! :) We believe candid shots and the resulting MOMENTS are the best type of photography especially when combined with great photographic technique….something you just don’t see a lot of these days! :)

PET MAKEOVERS! – Will include a grooming session followed by a photo shoot of your pet!

BIRTHDAY PARTIES for PETS! Yes they are family members and have birthdays too! :) Will include pet friendly “treats” for your babies, as well as birthday hats and includes party planning! We can do as much or as little as you wish! :)

As always, hope you are having a great day! And stay positive! :)
Visions Photography – Go Beyond the Snapshot, YOU deserve something special!


About Carl Bromberg

I've been in business since 1994 and full time since the start of 2005. Photography is my passion, my reason for getting up in the morning, it keeps me going through the hard times, it enhances my life through the good times.
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