Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all my family, friends and clients who all helped to make 2010 a very special year!

I wishe all of you the very best for 2011.

We again will be offering you or very finest quality and service. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you !  

As Always have a great day and Stay Positive! 
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Wild Things!

I’ve never seen a wild thing feel sorry for itself…DH Lawrence

I LOVE this quote and it is SO true! 

In the last 90 days I lost two beloved furry family members, Smokey and Chief.  In both cases, even toward the end, I never once saw them feel sorry for themselves.  They both let me know in their own way it was time for them to embark on a new journey!  And they let me know they were ok in very different ways after they had left this life and embarked on that new journey!  

It was a lifechanging experience for me, not in a bad way, but they showed me how to communicate with energy, with positve thoughts, they showed me how important it is to take a moment everyday and just enjoy and be thankful for the little things that life can offer us if we are open to it.  They opened my eyes, my mind, my heart to my surroundings and what Mother Nature tries to tell us everyday!   Enjoy life, be happy!   Being happy is after all up to us as individuals through the choices we make on what we focus our energy on. 

We can learn a lot about life from studying animals, pets and wildlife!  They live in the moment, they don’t care what happened 5 min ago and don’t worry about what will happen 10 min from now. Only this moment is what counts. 
Yup I can now here some saying, “but they have no responsibilities”. I disagree, they still have to find food, they still have to care for their young and provide those young with food. They still have to teach and nurture the young. They also need homes and have to build their own homes.
They can help us on our own paths through life, they will communicate with us if we are open to that communication, they don’t speak in words, but they speak with energy!
There is a wonderful book called “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews that is an awesome guide to learning what Mother Nature is trying to tell us, but we have to be “open” to that communication! 
An excerpt from the beginning of the book:  ”  Many ancient myths and stories speak of a magical time and place in which there were no boundaries between humans and animals.  Animals and humans spoke.  Wild and tame had no meaning.  And always the divine revealed itself in nature.
The natural world and the animals within it speak to us everyday:  by their appearances, behaviours, movements, and characteristic patterns.  When we know what to look for, we can use them as omens—not in a superstitious sense, but in the development of true prophecy and higher perception.
Through this book you will realize how intricately every aspect of nature is woven into your life.  You will awaken to the ancient knowledge of spirit animals and how to determine their roles within your life.  They will touch a primal part of your heart and soul—and stir long dormant embers.  They will become your friends, your teachers and your companions.”
As always, hope you are having a great day!  And stay positive! 
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