Autism Walk 2011

On Saturday, April 30, 2011 I photographed the Autism Walk at Westdale Mall for the 4th year now.  I love working with these kids and their families! 

Autism is on the rise in this country, there is a reason for this and we need to find what is causing this rise.  If you can, please make a donation here. 

While I was taking care of photographing the different teams, Stubby Webb was busy taking candids of the walk itself and the kids being themselves just having fun.   All the candid shots in the slide show and below were photographed by Stubby. 

If you would like to purchase one of these or other candid images from this event you can do so by going HERE.    All profits from any sales will go right back to the East Central Iowa Autism Society. 

Ok, now for the pictures….I’m trying something a little different on this post. 

All of the images I included in this post could be considered “snapshots” and they are definitely “candid images”, but in my opinion they go beyond just ordinary snapshots and candids.   I believe that a photograph is much more than a snapshot, or at least it should be, if it is to have any meaning to it.   I believe photographs should have meaning, they should tell a story, pose a question, they should make you FEEL!  All of these “ingrediants” are recognized and captured by a photographer in a split second.  These ingrediants, the FEELINGS, the memories of times past, are what truly adds “VALUE” to a photograph!  The emotions, the feelings, and the memories!  🙂 

Below some of the images, I wrote a description of the image, my interpretation if you will of what I personally “feel” when viewing them. 

Please let me know what you think of the descriptions by leaving a comment or subscribing to my blog.   If you like, I may just be persuaded to include it in future posts.   🙂

There is also a short slide show at the bottom of this post, take a few minutes to check it out also! 

One last thing, a special thanks to Stubby Webb for helping me out with this event! 

I love the mood in this image of this little girl!  This image leaves me wondering a bit, what is she concentrating on?  If you dig deeper into the image you can see some symbolism in it also.  There is light behind her, soft and cuddly and warm in the middle and very sweet, all which are part of  her personality, but there is a dark wall in front of her also.  Ahhhh the POWER of photography!  🙂 

This little guy just came right up to me while I was doing team pictures.  Fun little guy full of personality!  🙂  I love the look on his face! 

Yes in a crowd, but feeling a bit alone or isolated?

What child can resist these things! 

Love the look on this little guys face, but beyond that I like the three hands merging together in the bottom right corner.

I really love the interaction in this image, you can tell there is fun as well as love between these two.  Love the girls little hands holding on to the wrist at the bottom.   It’s just one of those images where you can “feel the love”.

Doing what a toddler does best, give me, I want!!!!!  LoL

Fun image, love the contrast in expressions between the little girl and the Kernals mascot. 

Yes this image may be a little “busy”, lots of people in it, but the way it was shot the viewers eye goes straight to the little boy with the balloon and that devilish look of his!  Then your eye starts to wonder a little bit, you see the faces of the different people and you start to wonder what is on each persons mind. 


How more symbolic can you get?  Reaching toward the light!  or maybe a cure? 

Nothing like a little “attitude”, this one just makes me smile!  🙂 

There just is no substiute for the look of “wonderment” on a childs face!  Taking it all in, learning so much while doing so!


Love that BIG smile on his face, but I also love that “secure” feeling of him holding the adults hand! 

Just one of those “awww” moments!  🙂  Both the image above and the one below.

Just plain old cute!   What a great natural smile!   And what kid doesn’t have something on their shirt!  🙂 LoL

So, that’s it!  Like I say let me know what you think of the descriptions, and while you are here, take a few more minutes and enjoy the slideshow also! 

As Always have a great day and Stay Positive! 

Carl Bromberg
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Autism Walk 2010

For the third year now I’ve had the privilege of photographing the team and candid pictures of the annual Autism Walk at Westdale Mall in Cedar Rapids. 

I’d like to thank Greg and Mary Frieden, and Stephanie “Stubby” Webb for their help with the candids!!!!  Couldn’t do this without you!! 

100% of the profits we make from this event are donated back to the East Central Iowa Autism Society!  Click on the link to make a donation! 

We raised appx $200 on Saturday, April 24 for Autism so a special thanks to everyone that purchased a Team Photo. 

The candid pictures you see here and many more are also available for purchase at just click on the “View your online photos” link at the bottom of the page.   Or just click here: 

Once again, all profits from candid or team sales will be donated back to the East Central Iowa Autism Society! 

As always, hope you are having a great day! And stay positive!
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